Central Heating


Plumbers Northwest supply and install a range of heating systems. These include central heating systems, gas fires and cookers. We offer heating products from leading manufacturers and these heating products are installed by our well trained gas safe approved engineers.


Designer Radiators


You have just spent a pot full of money on re-decorating your room, whether it’s a living room, kitchen or even a bedroom and your stuck with a plain old looking white radiator with layers of paint on it totally spoiling the room you have just decorated, well why don’t you spend just a little more and transform your room to a more modern fresh looking one by getting us to install you a designer radiator. You will be amazed what a difference it makes.

Underfloor Heating


One of our specialities, we have designed and installed many over the years so we are able to guide you on which underfloor heating system is best for you. Underfloor heating is probably the most stylish of all heating systems which gives you a lovely, warm ambient temperature in your home without having radiators hanging on your walls. It will also reduce your energy bills up to 40%.

This system is not just for new builds, it can be installed in existing properties and even just in a single room, i.e. kitchen or conservatory.

Contact us to discuss which will suit your requirements the best.

Solar Power


Solar panels are a very sound investment for your home and will provide you with an average of 60% of your hot water, saving £££’s on your annual energy bill.

Power Flushing


Over time the steel inside you heating system will begin to corrode thus producing black iron oxide which will not only stick to the inside of your radiators and cause severe inefficiency but will also clog up your boiler causing it to constantly break down. Plumbers Northwest have the equipment and experience to thoroughly flush out your system and we will also fit a filter to it to prevent any sludge going into your boiler.